Worship Leaders News and Notes
ALL WORSHIP LEADERS: Please remember to find a sub or arrange a trade when you cannot serve on your Sunday. Once you have arranged a sub, please notify the church office.  We want the bulletin to have the correct name.
Whatever names are showing in the scheduling system on Thursday, is what will print on Sunday.

Readers: Please remember that all lessons are read from the altar - if you are able.   Also, don’t be shy about adjusting the microphone to be right in front of your mouth. Please be at or near the altar during the Prayer of the Day, so that the Pastors can see that you are present and ready. Because the speakers are above you, you will hear your voice much more loudly than the people in the back row! The sound crew will keep you from “blasting” any eardrums. Boldly proclaim scriptures! 

Thank you for your attention and care for the worship life of the body of Christ at Our Savior’s. 

Demonstration of the new electronic worship leader scheduling option Sunday, June 15th!
One service at 9:30am  -- June 8th  thru August 31st

Schedule yourself as a Worship Leader at:  http://tinyurl.com/OSLC-WorshipLeaders



  Communion Prep Greeters Ushers Reader Communion Servers Coffee Hosts Acolyte
June 8 - 9:30am Deanna Colon Brian & Jane Webber Family Adam, Pat & Katherine Good;
Chris Hoiby
Bill France Matthew Kelly;
Carol Good;
Art & Kathy Krull
Marilyn Hecht; Kiyoshi & Ryotaro Colon
June 15 - 9:30am Chris Marl Susan Zakos Matthew Kelly;
Tom Hutchinson
Tom Hutchinson Dick & Pat Jones
Bradley & Erin Webber
Dan Stahlberg Nathan Richmond

OSLC Summer 2014 – Sound
Version 2

June 1 9:00 AM Matt Turcott
June 1 11:00 AM Cole Montgomery
June 8 9:30 AM Chris Conrad
June 15 9:30 AM Matt Turcott
June 22 9:30 AM Cole Montgomery
June 29 9:30 AM Rick Parchem
July 6 9:30 AM Kim Fischer
July 13 9:30 AM Garth Almgren
July 20 9:30 AM Chris Conrad
July 27 9:30 AM Matt Turcott
August 3 9:30 AM Garth Almgren
August 10 9:30 AM Rick Parchem
August 17 9:30 AM Kim Fischer
August 24 9:30 AM Cole Montgomery
August 31 9:30 AM Chris Conrad



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